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rope access operations and safety system installation and height safety equipment supply

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Focusing on the safety of employees who have to work at height and carrying out the proper training to work at height is absolutely paramount to helping to make sure that no-one is injured or fatally hurt while at their workplace.Many people have to work at height, from those employed in the building cleaning sector to workers who spend their working days on a construction site. For anyone who has to work at height, understanding the specific dangers of this kind of labour is essential, and those who employ people to work at height should ensure they have the right training in place to educate their team.

Here at Height Work, we specialise in work at height equipment, training and consultancy, and over the years we have helped many firms and staff to carry out work at height effectively and in complete safety. Our many years of experience in the work at height sector mean we are set up to deal with the work at height needs of any kind of company or set up, so whatever your requirements, get in touch.We have more than 20 years of experience in work at height, and we our work at height services are split into three broad sectors ndash; work at height safety training and consultancy, rope access operations and safety system installation and height safety equipment supply.Those looking for help with work at height can be reassured of our commitment and great sector reputation by the fact that our firm is a member company of the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association.This means that all of our work at height training is run by IRATA level 3 supervisors, who have a wealth of work at height experience.

Many people coming to us for help with work at height need help with training their staff, and for these customers we offer assistance with climbing, rooftop work, construction work, crane operation and general safety.If you are looking to boost the safety levels for your work at height staff, then visit us today and talk to us about your training needs.

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